Rental costs rising in Greater Los Angeles

Two Bedroom apartment rents up 5.4% in LA

Two Bedroom apartment rents up 5.4% in LA

A new report from Zumper shows LA area one bedroom unit rents up 4.6% since last year, two bedroom units up 5.4%!! (ouch)


Many low down payment purchase programs are available as well as down payment assistance for first time buyers.   Call or Text me today if your rent is increasing this year and you'd like to know if purchasing is an option for you.


Solar Power is BIG in New Homes in Glendora

All over So Cal we're seeing Solar Power featured in new homes.  New units with solar power are popping up all around Glendora.

The City Ventures have 2 projects in Glendora that feature solar power, the Glendora Collection on Arrow Hwy and the Foothill Collection on West Foothill Blvd.  

Caring For Trees During a Drought

Keeping young and mature trees alive through a drought is important here in So Cal.  In addition to selecting drought tolerant trees for your landscape, the key is less frequent but deep watering.  Here are some helpful hints and guidelines to help your trees survive this drought.

Compliments of:  City of Glendora, Water Division

Compliments of:  City of Glendora, Water Division

What is a Geofence & can it help me manage my home & family?

Geofence my family

Geofencing isn't just for marketing at shopping malls anymore.  Current technologies enable homeowners to establish a Geofence around their property & smartphone apps are available to help people keep track of the comings and goings of their kids and even pets!  

The potential benefits don't stop there, new technologies are working to incorporate smart home features to help homeowners maximize security and efficiency as well!  

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Unsecured Home Improvement Loans - Important Things to Consider




Have you received an ad in your email or snail mail offering quick and easy home improvement loans?  The offers can look very appealing but make sure you understand your options before you leap.

While these loans can offer quick closings and little or no origination costs, they may carry much higher interest rates than traditional mortgages & they typically offer much lower loan amounts.  



Beverly Hills Gets Tough With Celebrity Water-Wasters

After failing to meet its water reduction goal every month since Gov. Brown instituted mandatory reductions, the City of Beverly Hills began sending letters to high profile water wasting residents 4 months ago.  That step, coupled with new fines for the profligate users is starting to have an effect....


Bringing Solar Energy to Low Income Neighborhoods

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) is out with a new report that centers on spreading shared solar programs to a broader range of customers. What’s needed is a targeted approach -- borrowing successful approaches in other sectors -- that takes into account the specific challenges of serving the lower-and moderate-income (LMI) demographic.


High Rents Cited as Reason to Buy

One in four home buyers is looking to purchase because their rent is too high, according to a recent Redfin survey.

That’s up from one in five in November, and up from one in eight last August. In each survey, when Redfin asked buyers what most influenced their decision to buy, the only choice cited more frequently was a major life event, such as the birth of a child or a marriage.

But the grass isn’t always greener. While buyers continued to cite affordability as their top concern, inventory woes are gaining attention. Twenty percent of buyers worried there weren’t enough homes to choose from, up four percentage points from last quarter. And 16 percent of respondents said there was too much competition from other buyers, a five percentage point jump from last quarter. 

More than half (53 percent) of buyers anticipated that home prices would increase soon, compared to only 48 percent of respondents in the previous survey. Among those anticipating price increases, 13 percent felt prices would rise significantly, compared with 10 percent in the previous survey. 

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