Are you in love with a recently upgraded home? Make sure you don't pay for those upgrades twice!

Energy efficiency is a major trend in home improvements.  All over California, homeowners are electing to upgrade their homes to maximize energy efficiency, save money and preserve our precious natural resources.   These improvements can be a very expensive investment; an average size home can cost $15,000 to upgrade just the windows!  No wonder many buyers are looking for a home that has already been upgraded.

Now, there is a new program available to homeowners in many cities all over California called the HEROTM program.  

The HEROTM program provides low-interest financing for the full cost of energy-efficient upgrades including thousands of products from solar panels and replacement windows to insulation, heating, pool covers and drought-tolerant landscaping.  

The HEROTM program differs from other types of home financing in that it is repaid by adding the payment to the county property tax bill.   Because it is linked to property taxes, selling the house does not necessarily payoff that debt the way a typical mortgage loan is paid off.  One of the features advertised by the HEROTM program is it's transfer-ability if the home is sold.

If you're looking to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home, visit the HEROTM Program website for information on products, financing terms and features.

If you are looking to buy a recently upgraded home, you need an agent who will ask the right questions and make sure you're not left with an unexpected debt.  After all, if you've paid market value for an upgraded home, you shouldn't have to pay for the upgrades again!

If you're considering purchasing a recently upgraded home, contact me today!