How Did One Household Use 11.8 Million Gallons of Water in a Year?

Never mind that thousands of Californians are living without tap water: A household in the star-studded L.A. neighborhood of Bel Air consumed a jaw-dropping 11.8 million gallons of water over the state’s fourth year of its worst-ever drought.

That’s according to Reveal, an investigative reporting site that just outed California biggest residential water users. Based on data collected from the state’s largest local water agencies, Reveal found that some 365 households guzzled more than one million gallons of water each during the year (ending in April). Fourteen of them used more than 6 million.

But back to that one guy in Bel Air. Twelve million gallons is about as much as 90 households use in an average year. That could fill 18 Olympic-sized swimming pools. It’s about two-thirds of the amount of water that flooded the UCLA campus when a local water main burst in 2014. Remember what that looked like?

Much to the chagrin of #droughtshamers worldwide, the L.A. Department of Water and Power won’t identify the record-setting homeowner—or what they could possibly be up to. Yes, most likely it’s a case of inordinate lawn-watering. But all the rest of we Angelinos wonder what one L.A. family could be doing with 12 million gallons of water.